Keynote Speaker and Motivational Speaker – Are they the same?

Whenever the employees hear that their company needs a keynote speaker for their upcoming event, most of them usually think that the company needs someone to talk to them (the audience) for at least 45 minutes. Some already feel that they will be compelled to listen because the company has to pay a lot if they want to bring the speaker to their event.

Many people confuse the term keynote speaker with inspirational speaker, motivational speaker, business speaker, plenary speaker, industry speaker, or closing speaker. Someone who is assigned to give a keynote speech must be able to inspire and energize the audience. The keynote creates a link with the audience, spark a lively discussion, influence, or present valuable information.

Differences between Keynote and Motivational Speakers

keynote speakerThere are people who think that a keynote is the same as a motivational speaker. Most people thought that both speakers are self-help gurus who tell the people how to channel their inner strength into something positive and help them succeed. The greatest goal of a motivational speaker is to drive his audience to change their lives for the better; the keynote sets the atmosphere of the gathering and unifies the mind of the audience.

A good motivational speaker can help the audience shift their energy and focus on doing productive things instead of moping and doing nothing. Their quick response might even lead them to discover the solutions to their problems. The right keynote, on the other hand, can positively influence his audience for the entire duration of his speech and even after they return to their work.

The stage presence of the keynoter and the impression that he imparts to the audience are vital in making the event a success. The motivational speaker can also be a keynoter. He must be able to give the right keynote speech that will connect him to the audience, and make the discussion enjoyable.

Things that the Speaker Prepares Before Facing his Audience

First, a keynote speaker identifies the type of audience that he needs to face. Next, he drafts the message that he needs to impart and be able to connect to his audience. A keynoter usually creates a speech according to the things that the company wants him to discuss. He will make necessary adjustments to make the discussion engaging.

He also makes sure that the message that he imparts is timely and relevant. It is important to keep updated about the latest gadget, expression, fashion, and anything that he plans to use when delivering his speech. Most of today’s young people are not familiar with vinyl record, floppy disk, and other things that are no longer or rarely seen in modern times.

He also pays attention on how he should appear before his audience. He needs to be an expert on the subject that he decided to discuss.

A speaker also determines the equipment and props that he must use or should he use any. Most of the time, people can remember the lecture better if there are visuals. On the other hand, using too many props might only cause confusion and distraction.

Although a speaker may have a personal agenda of promoting himself to get more clients, he always sees to it that he will be able to get the attention of his audience. He makes sure that he will spark their interest with the useful information that he will present. He knows that by imparting a meaningful message he will gain positive feedbacks that can help boost his credibility as a speaker.

It is imperative for a keynote speaker to spark the interest of his audience and influence them in a good way. Establishing a connection and keeping the crowd lively are important to turn an event into a successful one.


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Get to Know Your Golf Clubs

Golf ClubsGolf is one highly-technical sport. Though it may seem like it only consists of non-athletic individuals trying to get around a course to shoot balls in as little moves as possible, this is a sport that requires a combination of precision, talent, and strategy. This game is equal parts athletic and cerebral, making it a compelling sport to follow. The main tool that a golfer uses is the golf club. There is an assortment of golf clubs, and each of them can be used for particular purposes and situations. To succeed in golf, a player needs to understand what the different clubs are and how they are used. This article is an in-depth look on the clubs used by golfers around the world.

1. Woods

These are the longest and heaviest clubs around. Also called drivers, these clubs are utilized for teeing off (the first shot). Its design allows the golfer to launch the ball to a maximum distance, bringing him/her as close to the hole as possible. Generally, they have a long and light shaft to create maximum swinging force and a massive yet hollow head that allows for maximum velocity and ball contact. They are called woods because their heads used to be constructed out of persimmon or laminated wood. When it comes to power, woods are the most superior of the lot.

2. Irons

The iron is designed to hit the ball in a lobbed motion. They are known for having an all-metal head (hence the nickname iron) that have a flat-angled face and an upright lie angle. Irons are known to have the most variety among all golf clubs. Classified according to numbers, the irons with the highest number launch the ball at the highest angles. To accomplish higher loft angles, irons get shorter shafts and heavier heads. Wedges are also considered as a subclass of the iron. Irons can be used for different purposes ranging from setting up the ball for putts to shooting over obstacles such as trees.

3. Hybrids

These clubs feature a design that combines the functions of the wood and the iron. Thanks to this combination, the hybrid gains the high arcing launch possible with irons and the long distance possible with woods. The head of a hybrid has a slightly convex face and a hollow design that’s similar to a wood’s head. However, the lie and shaft length is more similar to an iron. Because of the ideal design of hybrids, hybrids replace the functions of both low-numbered irons and higher-lofted woods. The use of hybrids is now becoming very popular for both professionals and recreational golfers alike.

4. Putters

The putter is designed to convert putts, rolling shots that guide the ball towards the hole at close range. Designed with superior accuracy and ball control in mind, it has a loft that features less than 10 degrees. While some people believe that putters have no loft, this loft, albeit minimal, is necessary for lifting the ball from any indentation on the ground. Modern putters now also feature grooves that prevent skidding, resulting to increased rolling distance and reduced bouncing off striking. Restrictions on design of putters are minimal. As such, all kinds of modifications are made to help the player’s aim.

5. Chippers

The chipper has a design that’s virtually similar to the putter. However, it has a more lofted face, essential for lifting the ball from rough patches and bunkers. Upon striking, the ball makes a short hop and eventually ends in a rolling motion similar with a putt. The chipper is the perfect alternative from using a high lofted iron, especially when the hole is within reach and scoring is a possibility. While the design of chippers are virtually similar with putters (with the exception of the loft), they are actually classified under the family of irons.

Golf clubs are still evolving. Its continued evolution is great for the game. Learning how to use each club to your advantage will help you be the best golfer you can be.


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How to Enjoy Coin Trading

All people have their own hobbies, from the very simple things like collecting leaves or stones to complicated ones like backpacking or collecting different paintings and relics. Some people are interested in arts. Some people are interested in sports. For a lot of people, collecting something from their interests is a great way to start a hobby. A lot of people who enjoy travelling collect different coins, stamps or key chains from the places they have been. Other travel enthusiasts also collect custom coins from different places.

There are different types of coins: from old coins to new coins, from monetary coins to gold coins. However, some of the most popular kinds of coins, especially for collectors and enthusiasts, are custom coins.

Custom coins can be souvenirs from sports events or other celebrations. These coins come in different sizes, colors, designs, and shapes. Custom coins can easily be spotted in different amusement parks like Disneyland or Universal Studios or sporting events like the World Cup and the Summer Olympics. These coins have a special value since they can only be purchased or collected only during the prescribed event.

Do’s and Don’t’s in Coin Trading

Custom coinsThe most important thing that a trader or enthusiast should keep in mind when trading coins is to have fun. Coin trading allows each participant to meet different types of people from different places but shares the same interests as them. You will be able to meet newbies or veterans in coin trading. However, to ensure that no issues or problems will occur, there are some do’s and don’ts that each party should follow especially in making a trade.

•    Your coins should always be in pristine condition when you open these coins for trade. All coins should be undamaged.

•    If you are a newbie and it is your first time to make a coin trade, do not be afraid to approach and ask more information from the coin owner.

•    If you are hesitant or uncomfortable in making the trade or you are uninterested with the trade the other person is offering, do not pursue the trade. Likewise, if the other trader is not interested or is uncomfortable in making a trade with you, do not force the trade that you want.

•    If the coin trader you would like to talk to is currently in a trading process, do not interrupt the deal. Wait patiently and approach the person once the trade is finish.

•    Always keep in mind that in trading coins, the coin value that you will be trading should have the same coin value as the one you would like to get. If both traders agree with the trading coin you would like to exchange, then, the trade can push through.

•    If you are trading using the internet and message boards (also known as forums), make sure that you are following the proper online behaviour. Following the proper online behaviour, also known as netiquette, can help build your credibility not only online but as a coin trader. Every time you are writing an email to someone, always be polite. Do not use any capital letters or the caps lock key in writing. Writing in all capital letters may give the idea to the reader that the sender is angry or in a high emotional state. Always give enough time for the receiver to respond to your email. The other person may be busy so it would take time for him or her to respond to your email right away. On the other hand, if you are the receiver of the email, try to respond in a timely manner so as not to keep the other party waiting too long for your response.


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Standard ID Lanyards and Customized ID Lanyards

Who says that wearing your ID in school or during work is not fun at all? It can be a fun and exciting routine to wear your ID when you use ID Lanyards. These accessories, which are usually in the form of ropes or chords, are used to carry and show ID badges, ID cards, and can also be used for security or government purposes. It is usually worn around the neck. It can also be worn around the shoulder or wrist if you want to carry other objects.

You can use your ID Lanyards to carry your home or car keys so that they will be available to you when you need them and you would not waste time looking for them. You can also use the same to carry your USB when you need to transfer and save files to a computer. Moreover, your ID Lanyard can also be used to carry your MP3 player whenever you are bored or you just want to kill time.

ID lanyardsIt can also be a helpful and creative way to encourage you to wear your ID in school or at work. You do not have to keep your IDs in your wallet or clip them to your collar and then present them when asked. Some schools and companies provide free lanyards to students and employees, but you can always decide what kind of ID lanyard you will wear.

Some of the commonly used ID Lanyards are the following: Those with hooks, clips, loops, and rings. Whichever ID lanyard and attachment accessory you choose, it will depend on your personal need and choice. There are attachment hooks which are not capable of swiveling so that there is no need for you to fix your ID always. Those with clips and grips are also great to use because your ID cannot be easily detached from your lanyard. While those with rings can be used to carry and display other things with your ID.

Some ID Lanyards are made of OptiBraid round material with a unique kind of slider. The imprint areas and the lanyard sizes itself also vary. Some lanyards have an imprint area of 19 mm on average. While the size of the lanyard itself usually ranges from 6 mm – 914 mm. Moreover, you can also choose from the various colors and designs of the ID lanyard that you would want to wear. It is one of the simplest and most effective ways for you to make wearing your ID in school or at work a habit.

But you can make your ID Lanyards more fun and creative by customizing them. You can choose from a lot of different ID Lanyard styles that would suit your personality. You can even style your own ID lanyard. You can also print a statement which could be your favorite motto or just express what you feel for a specific day. You can also put the name of your school or your company for promotional purposes.

And if you are a fashionable person, you can even consider your ID Lanyard as a fashion statement. There are many ways to customize your ID Lanyard and it all depends on your creativity. Customizing your ID Lanyard adds excitement every time you wear your ID because it really looks nicer while you look forward to wearing your ID each day.

Besides, when you develop the habit of wearing your ID in school or at work, you do not only show that you are a proud student or employee of that school or company. It also indicates that you are capable of showing obedience and professionalism that is required from you. All of that because of the fun and the enjoyment that you are feeling every time you would wear your ID Lanyard.

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Wholesalelanyards feature a wide selection of ID lanyard that can be imprinted with your text and/or logo. We can craft a design that’s perfect for your company, group or institution.


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Why Companies are Using Movable Cubicles

Movable cubicles are considered the ideal setup in today’s modern office era. Number one, they offer sufficient privacy that employees need to be satisfied and work effectively. Number two, they also give enough flexibility for building administrators to adjust and reorganize the office setup whenever there is a need to. And number three, they are advantageous for the company when it comes to its bottom line as it is more cost-effective to install and maintain. Everybody wins with the cubicle setup.

Unlike the open office arrangement where there are rows of desks lined up next to one other, cubicles protect employees from too much exposure to the noise and activity of those working around them.

Movable cubiclesIn an open office setup with no section walls, it’s easy for workers to get interrupted. Colleagues walking by, loud music, the sound of chatter, and other visual distractions can rob someone of creativity and motivation. Movable cubicles allow for a fair amount of isolation and personal working space without completely separating staff members away from each other.

Meanwhile, private offices make workers too isolated. Because of its ultra seclusion, business owners might think that their employees are not using their time efficiently while at work. Also, these private offices are permanent so you can’t easily re-arrange them when you want to. Studies show that one of the major factors influencing employee satisfaction is the ability to reorganize his office environment. It motivates and boosts his productivity if done once in a while.

The biggest reason, however, why companies are using movable cubicles is this: teamwork and collaboration. Companies are tearing down the walls of private offices in favor of increased collaboration from its employees. Studies have also shown that teamwork and collaboration encourages innovation and out-of-the-box thinking necessary for any growing organization.

Without these brick and mortar walls, there will surely be major compromises in privacy, noise, and interruptions; but it certainly increases creativity, collaboration and innovation tremendously.The pros greatly outweigh the cons. Anyway, cubicles do have walls that prevent some unwanted sounds, and can give enough privacy for an employee to focus more on his task at hand or make a confidential phone call even if his voice is almost in a whisper.

With low walls, movable cubicles can reduce distractions and interruptions, without preventing valid, work-related interactions. You can ask for the cubicle occupant’s consent any time before you can enter it. An employee may unexpectedly have an amazing idea, and because of closed, locked doors in between him and his colleagues, he may put off sharing them at once. This causes many brilliant suggestions to go unshared.

Private offices may also hamper camaraderie. Relationships are built through interaction, not isolation. And organizations with strong and harmonious employee relationships tend to be more productive. Some modern offices actually have semi-circular sofas encouraging employees to interact while they are relaxing.

Open office floor plans, meanwhile, can disrupt office relationships because of too much accessibility from each other. A person generally needs some time alone to get together his bearings for another round of hard work.

As mentioned above, another reason why companies are making use of movable cubicles is cost-cutting. It may seem selfish and self-serving, but truth is the more a company can cut its cost, the more sustainable it can become, and it’s better for its workers to keep the company existing.

Also, by using cubicles, a company can afford to have lesser space for its employees. And lesser space means lower costs. Some companies have had almost 50% savings from the rent alone.

The necessity of collaboration and cost-effectiveness is what makes companies use cubicles. This is slowly becoming the trend, and may continue to be so in the future.


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All About the Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards

The whole process of manufacturing printed circuit boards is complicated as it involves several steps and it takes a lot of time. Even after the circuit board is done, the process in which manufacturer is on the stage of assembling the electronic components onto it can also be considered complex and requires a lot of expertise to be able to perform successfully.

Here is a brief walk through of printed circuit board assembly.

What is Printed Circuit Board Assembly?

More commonly referred to as PCBA, Printed Circuit Board Assembly is the process in which the electronic components of the circuit are soldered and fixed onto the printed circuit boards or PCB.

The term is also used to refer to the functional product after the above mentioned process has been completed. This is also sometimes called a Printed Circuit Assembly or a PCA, and it is this that is used on your electronic gadgets to allow it to function.

Is it the same as Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing?

The assembly process is often mistaken for the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards, but the two are different.

printed circuit boardsThe PCB manufacturing process is one which involves the designing and prototyping of the PCBs and the end product is the board which will serve as the framework for supporting the electronic components mechanically.

It is after the prototype has been approved that the manufacturer will move on to the assembly process. This is when the board is made functional by adding onto it the necessary components so it can be used in an electronic device.

How is the Printed Circuit Board Assembly done?

During the assembly process, the manufacturer will first decide on the types of components to be used on the board. This will greatly depend on the type of electronic device on which the PCBA will be used for.

Afterwards, the manufacturer has to decide on the type of construction method to be used for the assembly process. This decision will be based on a number of factors, including the type of circuit board, the kind of components to be soldered onto the board, and also the particular device that will use the PCBA.

There are two methods that can be used for the assembly process: the Through-Hole Technology (THT) Construction, and the Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) Construction.

When the Through-Hole Technology is used, holes are drilled onto one side of the board. Leads are then inserted through them and then soldered onto the other side where copper traces are attached. It is through these leads that the electronic components are mounted.

During the Surface-Mount Technology construction process, the components are directly mounted onto the surfaces of the printed circuit boards. This process either uses smaller leads or no leads at all, which is why components used with SMT are often smaller as opposed to THT components. It uses small end caps and metal tabs that can be directly soldered onto the boards’ surfaces.

Which is assembly method is better?

In general, Surface-Mount Technology is preferred by many over Through-Hole Technology. Aside from the fact that SMT uses smaller components that help reduce the bulk of a device, it also helped allow adding more components to a single layer of PCB. While it is also possible for components to be soldered onto both sides of the board when THT is used, it isn’t as common and convenient to perform as with SMT. Because of this, a higher level of automation is attributed to Surface-Mount Devices (SMDs). SMT also takes less effort, which translates to lower labor costs and higher production rates.

Often though, both technologies are used during a single assembly process. One reason is the fact that some components needed by a single device are only available on either of the two technology packages. Also, some components that are likely to endure physical stress are better inserted through holes for added strength while those components that won’t endure the same can use SMT to reduce the SMD’s size. are ready and able to produce the finest quality products that our customers have come to expect.


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Practical Uses of Lanyards

If you look around, you will surely see at least one person wearing a lanyard. Lanyards are ubiquitous. They are literally everywhere. People wear them in schools, offices, and many other places. These items are very useful in holding a variety of items such as identification cards and security passes. In fact, they can also hold other small things like keys and USB’s. There are so many things you can hold with your lanyard.Also more about lanyards is given in

If you hold these items with your lanyard, you will no longer have a hard time searching for them in your pockets or pouch. Once you see the lanyard, you can simply pull it out of your bag. You can be sure that you will not forget your ID or your keys because they are securely fastened in your lanyard. This saves you a lot of time and effort. So, you can immediately get to school or work. You will be more productive if you have a lanyard.

ID LanyardsYou can use a tubular lanyard to hold your sunglasses or mobile phone. This way, you can quickly reach for your sunglasses when you go outdoors or answer your mobile phone when somebody calls. For your keys and badges, you can use a polyester lanyard. You can use this lanyard to hold your school ID, work ID, or security pass. You can also use it to hold your car key, house keys, locker key, etc. It is ideal to wear your lanyard around your neck, so you can conveniently display your ID and reach for your keys when you need them. You will also no longer need to reach for your pocket each time you pass security since you are already wearing the security pass. Wearing a lanyard at an event or a meeting will also let your teammates and colleagues identify you more easily. Other people will also be able to tell where you work based on the information on your lanyard.

If you are running a business, you can also use lanyards to promote your brand or the name of your company. You can customize or personalize them to suit your preferred theme or design. You can also customize them to match an event that you are organizing. In fact, you can effectively use this accessory in different occasions. With custom printing services, you can choose a design that perfectly matches your branding.

Lanyards make practical, appealing, and expensive promotional giveaways to promote your brand. They do not cost much, but they can be very useful. They are also available in various materials, styles, and designs. Unlike other promotional items, they actually appeal to all classes and ages. They are also very useful, so you can be sure that people will use them and not just store them in their cabinets at home.

You need to make sure that your lanyards are informative and possess an attractive design so they will pique the interest of people. They should also be designed in a way that users will find them practical and easy to carry. If you wish to print information on these accessories, see to it that you use the right color contrast and combination. As much as possible, you should use a light font with a dark background or vice versa.

This is so the writings or printings can easily be read and understood. Also, see to it that you use the right font style and font size. If you want your message or information to be readable, you should use a font size that is neither too large nor too small. You should also use a simple font style as much as possible in order for the words to be easily figured out. If you use fancy letterings, people might have a hard time finding out what message you want to convey.


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